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Why Fellowship of Freethought

We saw a clear need for an open source, member run organization that provides many of the same social, educational and outreach services to the Freethought community as a traditional church does to believers, minus the dogma and mysticism. We think the name says it all. We are Freethinkers seeking Fellowship: a sense of connection, shared goals and meaningful friendships. We invite you to join us in this endeavor.

Who Attends Fellowship of Freethought?

We are freethinkers – a group of people who understand that our humanity is inextricably bound in yours. We are humanists, non-believers, secularists. We are families, friends, scientists, philosophers, educators, peers, housewives, colleagues and your neighbors. Many of us have shed lives in religion that many of our members have never known. We are outspoken, we are quiet – we are a growing number that chooses to live life “in reason”.

What are the Bylaws of Fellowship of Freethought?

The bylaws can be viewed here.

Who Runs the Fellowship of Freethought?

The members elect a board of directors each year, which meets monthly to oversee the direction and budget of FoFD. Once a quarter, the membership is invited to participate in a round-table discussion or “town hall” meeting in which they can submit ideas and concerns for the board.

How can I become a member of the Fellowship of Freethought?

If you participate in any of the events or come to the Gatherings, you are entitled to call yourself a member. If you wish to become a voting member, which lets you participate in the election of our board members, you will need to submit an application form including a nominal fee. The current voting members will then vote to approve your application at the next Gathering. Voting Member Application forms can be found by the entrance to the Gathering and on our website and Meetup pages.