Announcing the 2016 FoF Camp Quest Texas Campership Program!

AN UPDATE ON CQTX CAMPERSHIP: In working with Camp Quest Texas, we’ve been able to extend the application period for FoF camperships to March 26th. In addition, we will be able to provide additional camperships as well! So, If you’ve already registered for camp, why not fill out an application?

To apply for a campership, complete the application form, and return via email to To be eligible, campers’ families must be FoF members, meet all Camp Quest Texas participation requirements, and be registered with CQTX. Please complete one application form for each camper being considered.

The new deadline to submit applications is March 26th, and awarded campers will be notified by March 31st. Don’t forget, your campers must be registered with Camp Quest Texas and have paid the $100 registration fee. FoF will pay all remaining fees for the awarded campers.

See you at Camp Quest Texas!

For more details on Camp Quest Texas, visit the CQTX website: