Our 2016-2017 Leadership

Emily Morris

Executive Director

Emily Morris is one of the founding members of the Fellowship of Freethought and has served for several years in the past as the Social Director. She returned to the Board as the Outreach Director, and now serves as Executive Director. 

Emily has been a freethinker for the past 13 years, and has 2 teenage sons. During the work day, she is an underwriter in aviation insurance for a global company. She enjoys touring the local craft breweries on the weekends or volunteering with her sons’ band or local charities. Emily has worked with Plano’s Hope Door, Frisco Family Services, North Texas Food Bank, For the Love of the Lake, Red Cross, KERA/KXT and the National MS Society.

Al Perry

Education Director

Al Perry enjoys pubs, craft beers and being a near empty nester. Professionally, he works with financial institutions to meet their physical security needs. Baptized Mormon during a summer at Grandma’s, religion never really took for Al. He found his Atheist voice when his young daughters began to ask the big questions. The strength, support, friendship, and extended family he found in the FoF community has motivated him to ensure the same opportunity for other secular families.

Eric McCutchan

Finance Director

Eric McCutchan has been attending Gatherings since he and his wife moved to Dallas in 2012. Previously, he was a member of Center for Inquiry-Indiana, one of the larger freethinking communities in Indianapolis. He has a master’s degree in athletic training from Indiana State University. Eric is interested in the science of medicine and wants to attend medical school next. He enjoys going on bike rides with his wife, studying, audiobooks, podcasts, webcomics, sci-fi and attending FoF social events around town.

April Jacobs

Social Director

April Jacobs has been a member of FOF since 2012, and has lived in the Dallas area all her life. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Technology and Performance Improvement from UNT, and currently works in the high-tech industry as a learning consultant. Not being raised in a religious home, her earliest memory of church was being kicked out of service by a pastor for laughing too much. She’s been somewhat of mischief-maker ever since. She lives with her husband, an engineer and avid sports-baller; her son, a budding technologist; and two obnoxious shetland sheepdogs. Her passions are yoga and fitness, socializing with friends, playing games, and learning.

Katherine McCutchan

At-Large Director - Secretary

In addition to serving as Secretary for FoF, Dr. Katherine McCutchan is Co-President of Hispanic Secular Humanists of North Texas; a certified secular celebrant for the Center for Inquiry; and a member of Metroplex Atheists. She earned her PhD in Latin American Studies from SUNY-Albany and currently teaches Sociology at a community college in Dallas. Dr. McCutchan is a native of Panama City, Panama.

Janie Oyakawa

At-Large Director - Hospitality Coordinator

Janie Oyakawa is the mother of six kids (ages teenage to toddler). She started questioning her strong faith in the Mormon church in 2011, was out by January 2013 and became involved with FoF that fall. Skepticism and podcasts of that sort were her avenue to recover from faith. She holds on to the good parts of religion in two ways: service and seeking community. You can often find her online under the moniker Mom of Oz. 

John Hendricks

At-Large Director - Membership Coordinator

John Hendricks has supported FoF since 2009. John was educated as an Electrical Engineer and has worked as a Software Engineer for over three decades. His hobbies include bicycling, audiobook and podcast listening, and investing. John looks forward to continuing the good works and growth of FoF. He manages the FoF badges and often participates in the FoF roadside and lakeside clean-ups.

Lesa Perry

At-Large Director - Communications Coordinator

Lesa Perry is an Analyst at IBM. She enjoys gardening, cooking, yoga, and entertaining.   Lesa realized she had lost her faith when her two young daughters began asking direct questions about religion. She read Joseph Campbell’s “The Power of Myth” and Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” and her deconversion was complete. Her daughters are grown now – raised without religion. Now her passion has become contributing to the Freethought community and making lasting friendships along the way.

Rachel Wilhelm

At-Large Director - Technical Administrator

Rachel Wilhelm has been serving FoF since August 2014 in a technical role helping with graphic design, IT administration, and website development. She has been an at-large director since December 2016. Currently Rachel is pursuing her doctoral degree in neuroscience studying the neurobiological and neurophysiological mechanisms of memory and aging. She loves writing music and singing, and has been playing the piano since she was 6 years old. Every so often you’ll hear her perform at the monthly FoF gatherings. 

Zachary Moore

At-Large Director

Zachary Moore was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, but got to Texas as quickly as he could. Trained as a molecular biologist at the University of Cincinnati, he now works as a medical writer and consultant. For the past decade, he has been an active leader in the freethought community of Dallas/Fort Worth, serving on the Board of Directors of the Fellowship of Freethought in Dallas, as the Coordinator of the Dallas/Fort Worth Coalition of Reason, and as Treasurer for the Foundation Beyond Belief. He has also been responsible for producing the “Evolution 101” and “Apologia” podcasts, and currently blogs at The Doubting Thomases.